About Us

Books Locker is an outline disapproved, multi-disciplinary brand offering items, occasions, and encounters identified with books and perusing.
Our Philosophy:
A couple of individuals get a kick out of the opportunity to examine on a screen. Different people require the collection and innovativeness, the sight, smell, and feel of honest to goodness books.They love seeing them on their racks; they revere having racks for them.
They love taking them along when they go out, and stacking them by their bedsides. They venerate finding old letters and bookmarks in them. They like remembering where they got them or who they got them from.
They have to scrutinize in a way that offers a rich experience, more than the words only: the full offering of a book. They are particular about spreads, they have to encompass themselves with the stanza of good diagram.
They can't pass a book shop without going in and getting something, they keep a library card and use it.
They are overly sensitive to decrepit raving successes; they get a kick out of the out of the way and the exceptional, the well-made and the hard to-accomplish. They manage their books; they know a book is only theirs until the point that the moment that it passes on to someone else. They are incredible stewards of an imperishable inquiry.
These are the overall public we're working for.